Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back Up and Running!

Want to learn about the best places to go?
Want to find out which hunts are fun?
Want to just be with friends and look for great free stuff?
This is the place!  And this place is back!
Join the Lucky Kitties group and be a part of the fun and make some new great friends!  Here is the group key: c3c6568a-c6c2-41b6-2e78-070bef971c0b  Or search for "A Lucky Kittie Hideout" inworld.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Autumn Hunt at Inga Wind

Inga Wind spoils us again with a gorgeous outfit through her Autumn Hunt. All you need to do is find 9 little leaves throughout the shop - but beware, not all the leaves hold a piece of the Fae outfit :) So click away on all the leaves in sight and then happily flutter away in your new wings! And if you like the fairy look as much as I do, you can complete it with cute accessories and beautiful skirts... Inga also offers a freebie wall and lots of outfits at 30L - so don't forget to do some shopping while you're hunting :)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Butterfly Hunt at Inga Wind

Hello dear Kitties, July has been very busy with lots of different grid-wide hunts, and August is set to look the same :) I always very much look forward to the more intimate hunts, though - typically when they're in great quality shops... and Inga Wind has one of those going on right now. So get out your net and hunt for little pink butterflies all over, under, in and around the shop. You'll be rewarded by an outfit that is soooo cute - just look at the pic ! And if you want 2 skirts and another pair of wings to make it even more versatile, they're available for sale in the shop :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fair Business - Pay what you think is fair

Hello dear Kitties, I stumbled across a shop of a different kind and wanted to share the find with you :) Fair Business offers neko and other outfits, accessories and furniture. Everything is priced at 1L$, and customers are encouraged to tip whatever they feel the outfit is worth - so basically, you pay what you think is a fair price. I bought the leg and arm warmers below in pic 1, as well as the purple trousers in pic 3. Pic 2 shows an outfit of a different kind ;) it's gift wrapping that your loved one can take off by simply clicking on it... Fun guaranteed! The outfits are of a very nice quality, so go have a look.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sandcastle Hunt at AmberMyst Cidade

Hello dear Kitties, if you like small, sim-wide hunts, then here's another nice one for you. You're looking for sandcastles on AmberMyst Cidade. There are around 20 to be found - make sure you look everywhere, also under bushes and trees :) Your reward? You will get nice outfits, beautiful plants and even a daybed with cuddle poses ! Have fun :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not hunt-sick yet? Try these !

Hello dear Kitties, I know that a lot of you love hunts, and I'm sure that you're aware of the big grid-wide hunts ongoing for the moment. The smaller hunts, however, are typically less well known, so here's a few interesting smaller store hunts I came across lately. While they typically offer their prizes for a small fee of 1L$, the prizes are well worth it if you like the style of the clothes the shop proposes.

Papillon's sell formal ladies' wear, and they have a hunt going on called "Dawg Days of Summer Hunt". It runs from July 6th to July 31st. Each Little "Dawg" (pics of cartoon dog) contains a complete ladies outfit and is priced at 1L$. There are 6 hidden throughout the store, inside and out - easy to find :)

A.Y.Y. offer stylish casual wear and they are celebrating their move to the new store with a small hunt. You are looking for small pink prim hearts for 1L$, all 10 located within the store. They're small and well hidden, so look high and behind things. The hunt is open between July 1st and July 19th.

Ora Trei Designs propose formal and casual wear, and their "4th of July Ladies Silver Stars Hunt" is still ongoing. Eight little stars are hidden around the store bearing some skins, shapes, and other goodies - they're free, and one even contains a 100L$ giftcard. Also easy to find, just keep your eyes low. This hunt is likely to close soon, so hurry :)

Happy hunting, and get in touch if you want help :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A New Author!

We've got a new author to help with the sales and blogging!

Aurore Belgar will be one of the great authors helping keep you in touch with all the great deals out there!